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About Us
This site is for adults who wish to chat anonymously and safely with likeminded adults.

We provide free live chat, forums, messaging, and gaming for grown-ups and is by invite only by current members. We have been privately owned and operated since 2001 and are not interested in collecting your private information and are proud to provide a site that is fast, clean of advertising, spam and 3rd party tracking cookies (such as Facebook, Google Analytics etc.).

Our site specifically weeds out trolls by only accepting new members by invite only. We hate how commercial and toxic the Internet has become and our motivation for providing this site is not to make money but to foster a niche community of adults who have fun outside of their normal lives and the Internet in general.

The day to day operations of this chat community are handled by volunteers and helpers who dedicate their time and energy to help this site run a little more smoothly. The volunteers, depending on their area of operation, are given restrictive access to our administrative area. In order to dispel any notion about what our volunteers may or may not be able to see and do on this site, we have created several articles which you can access via the FAQ (members only). All our volunteers sign non-disclosure agreements, and if there is evidence they are in violation of this the appropriate actions are taken. Please, if you think one of the volunteers has done something they shouldn't, don't hesitate to bring it to our attention!

Helpers are members who help the site in ways that do not require a signed volunteer status. These are members who organize events in public rooms and forums such as Fantasy Sport Leagues or Event nights in chat rooms but in no way have access to your account and they are not listed on this page.
Cradz - Founder & CEO

I created this site in 2001 in response to requests from friends who found themselves without a chat home after a once infamous web site suffered from the 2000 "DOT-COM Crash." The name "The Pork" came from a play on words of my former chat nickname "Porkpie" (I'm an ex-pat brit living in the US.. I miss those fatty pies!) and the now defunct web site the founding members came from.

We're a mishmash of people who like not being spammed with advertising, like the no real name theme of the site (we were born before the current generation of "social" sites sharing everything about themselves) and like the adult nature (language and images) that are generally not allowed on big commercial sites who really just want to sell your information and track you all over the web (we don't do that).

I work on this site as a side project from my r/t Director of Information Technology job and when I'm not volunteering development time for other fun projects like WildRP. I don't make a living off this and it's ran purely for the enjoyment of web development, learning new technologies and providing a legit site that isn't just interested in harvesting your personal information for a profit. I've built all systems from the ground up including chat, forum, gaming, membership, payment, administrative, and email systems.

This site isn't for everybody but if it is then stick around and you'll meet some interesting people from all walks of life. Enjoy what I've created as long as you follow the rules!

Can you hire me? Nope, not unless you're going to replace my IT Director salary. ;)

Can you buy this site? Nope, but in the future I may offer some hosting solutions where you can run your own community.

Trinna - Director