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About Us
This site is an old school chat community.

We provide chat, forums, messaging, email, and gaming hosting.

We only accept new members by invite only from current members and the site was closed to public registration several years ago and is ran purely for those who enjoy it as is.
Cradz - Founder & CEO

I created this site in 2001 in response to requests from friends who found themselves without a chat home after a once infamous web site suffered from the 2000 "DOT-COM Crash."

The name "The Pork" came from a play on words of my former chat nickname "Porkpie" (I'm an ex-pat brit living in the US.. I miss those fatty pies!) and the now defunct web site the founding members came from.

I manage this site in my spare time from my full-time job as well as other fun projects such as wildrp.com which is one of the most popular allowlisted serious role playing servers for Red Dead Redemption 2.


Trinna - Director