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I used to flood my profiles at the Park with lyrics and shout outs and I suppose that while I've outgrown most of that, I'd still like to say something, here.

It's odd, really, how no one uses profiles. Sometimes I find them to be extremely helpful and if the feature is there, why not use it?

Thus I can tell you that my name is Cole and I am a married 22 year old female living with my husband in San Antonio, TX. This is one of my many nicknames and you probably knew me at the Park as Queen Nothing or Lady Crow, if you did know me that is. I still use those nicknames here, but not as much as this one.

I currently have plans to attend college sometime in the (not-so-near?) future.

I'm not here to cyber; although, I'm certainly not innocent of that charge. I am, however, open to making new friends although I tend to be very discriminatory without realizing it.

I love my icons and they're half the reason I chat here. Want to make me one? Feel free but do so with caution as I'm very picky. I own my own icon site but it is currently on hiatus due to computer issues. I have also owned icon sites for several other sites during the past few years.

I love to webdesign and own my own domain, currently http://7and1.net. However, I've been a lazy bum and have failed to change the layout for some time and that won't change now because of my computer issues.

You can find me on Myspace if you'd like: xkissedbyastar.

That's enough. If you've made it thus far, you are a sad, sad person. -winks*