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Profile for ksenia
Bra Tester
ksenia's D/s Profile for the insatiably curious (or just insatiable)

Why, hello there!!

Welcome to my profile and thank you for taking an interest.

What kind of sexual deviant is ksenia? (second post down)

My (mostly silly) fetlife fetish list:
being chased, caught, and then submitting., belly dancing, big bada boom, blushing, burlesque, candle wax, collar and lead/leash, david bowie as the goblin king, hentai, jabba the hutt, jedi in the streets, sith in the sheets, not being murdered by clowns, power exchange, spanking, tentacles, the green mist in bram stoker's dracula, trusting that he always knows best, tugging their sleeve to get attention, whimpering.

Boxes, dislikes and fears
I don't like to be boxed into anything (no, really...small spaces *shudders*) ...but I especially don't like to be defined and then expected to be that person forever.

Sadist's who like real proper pain pain or extreme humiliation make me uncomfortable nervous in a bad way.

Earwigs can just fuck off and die.

I am very keen to help make anyone's experience in The Chamber or The Dungeon a positive one. If serves are something You enjoy, please do not hesitate to ask. If You have specific requirements or expectations (i do very much like specifics), please send me details in a red - i think that helps with the flow of the room. Thank You!

Being part of, interacting, giving and receiving from this group of kinky people at The Pork continues to be an important part of my journey. Thank you if you've been part of that! I know not everyone likes to come out of the shadows to participate but it's important to me to have that sort of accountability.