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Profile for RainbowSix
I suppose a semi-formal introduction's in order, as to disuade folks from asking me the trivial questions. *L*
My name's Hayden McCall. I'm 29, 6'5" 240 lbs, brown eyes and hair, medium build. I like to shoot pool, throw darts, go to the gym, swim, hike, cycle, and play hockey.
So you know...yes...I'm here to meet people whom I have the potential to meet in person. I'd consider it a serious waste of my, what I consider to be valuable time, to come in here and bullshit with everyone without any intent of every meeting the people I'm spending my time with. I'm an extremely intelligent, very soft spoken, kindhearted, well mannered, polite individual, so please be open and upfront with me...and don't take me for a ride. Having read this...if there's anything I've left out that you'd like to know, or you otherwise would like to talk, please feel free to send me a red in the room, or you can IM me if you
have any of these:

AIM: CacheIsKing
ICQ: 7452801
Yahoo!: CacheIsKing
MSN: CacheIsKing@hotmail.com