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Profile for Arriel
Where insanity and serenity collide...
Life is a series of choices. It's how you live each moment that dictates who you are...it's the choices that you make that dictate whom you become.
I'm a dreamer...an idealist...a confidant...an educator...

I prefer to soar with the underdogs...than simply achieve with the norm.

My thoughts each morning when I rise..."You take the good with the bad and make it all beautiful" and "Live each day as though it were your last."

Who I am...
I'm not perfect
Nor do I pretend to be.
I love completely
And I give myself entirely
I am proud
But I am humble.
I am short of stature
But not short of spirit.
I am not afraid to admit my strengths
Nor my weaknesses.
I am ignorant
But not unintelligent.
I am quick to forgive
But not to forget.
I have a quick temper
Which can be quelled easily.
My cup is not half full
It runneth over.
I am a servant of many
Master of none.
I value life
But sometimes fail to live to the fullest.
I recognize the good
And am blind to the bad.
I look inward
And keep moving upward.
I am spiritual
Although my thinking is grounded.
I am competitive
But not afraid to admit defeat.
My eyes are not afraid to cry
And my heart doesn't hesitate to sing.
I look to others for advice
But to myself for the answer.