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Profile for Alissa_Darkangel
is a angel/desferratu whom unlike the rest of the clan whom she calls family was not associated with Sephiroth at first and was raised the first 13 years of her life by a human family as a human never knowing her true heritage until she grew ill at age 13 and was upon almost her deathbed when she was visited by a shadowed figure who then told her of what she really was before she passed out throughout the nightthe night changes took place and when she awoke she was a younger version of what she is today albeit a few change due to things that have happened to her due to events in her life and her human family whom she loved was dead she fled her childhood villiage in terror never to return she wandered for many years until one night she stumbled across the tavernwhere she finally found a place she could fit in later meeting Aiden who befriended her then adopted her as a sister into the clan that is now her family

She is the mother of

Ziv Darkangel whom was fathered by the late Lycos La Rocha

as well as Sabriel Darkangel

Kystillial Darkangel Shailia Darkangel Damia Darkangel and Jearesy Darkangel all fathered by Galen

She is/was doubly bonded to Malikite after to trying to save His life when She attacked Him while under Merdain's power and was to be Malikite's bride for a time tho to her knowledge He is now dead.Since that time she has gotten back together with Galen.

Alissa is the second in command of the Darkangel Clan and is most likely the gentlest most compassionate and least violent of the darkangel clan and probably the peacemaker of the bunch as well since she prefers to solves things with words than actions tho if her family or friends are in danger and there's no way around it she will reluctantly resort to violence to protect thos she cares for as well as taking blows meant for those that she's protecting if she's quick enough

She is kind,loving with a general respect for all unless they prove themselves unworthy

of it

She firmly believes in her family's motto

You mess with one of us you mess with us all

Recently learned that her life as she recalled it as a child was all a lie.False memories implanted into her mind at a young age by her father Sephiroth Darkangel shortly after he killed her mother/his love in front of her in a fit of rage

if you need to reach me due to something with this char or just to get ahold of me i can be found at

AIM KSStotts24

Yahoo fre2beme78 (email is the same or you can reach me at alissadarkangel@yahoo.com)

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