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Rules of donating an image to the public image gallery

Thank you for donating an image!

1) Images donated can not be larger then 200x200 or 100KB. Please make file sizes as small as possible. i.e. If using PNG format please save down to the lowest version you can. We prefer you upload using JPG or GIF file formats. The smaller images are the faster the site is loading (especially mobile and dial-up users).

2) Donated images can not be removed or altered after uploading by the user uploading.

3) If a valid copyright complaint is received the image will be removed from the gallery and any accounts using the image.

4) Images may be removed by graphics volunteers either by request or for various reasons (such as a category having too many images, the image hasn't been used by anybody in some time, duplicates etc.). If by request we may or may not remove from users who have added the image to their account and we may or may not honor the request to remove the image with little or no reason.

5) You can not decide who gets to use the image. All images are available to all members.

6) You understand images may be put in a queue for approval by site volunteers and you will not be sent a notice on whether your image was approved or not. Generally images will be added to the gallery immediately but this can change at any time if we see abuse of this system.

7) Do not upload personalized images. i.e. Images with a members Nickname on it. 

8) Do not upload images to passively harass another member, administrators, volunteers or the site in general. This will be handled on a case by case basis but if you upload an image mocking a member, room etc. then it and you will be dealt with accordingly.

9) Do not flood the gallery with the same image over and over.

10) You understand you will receive no compensation in any form for donating. However, we reserve the right to reward users who upload images if we decide to do so in the future and it is up to our discretion on who and what the reward is.