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Attention Law Enforcement

The Pork Community Inc. takes a tough stance against users who use our services for illegal purposes. That is why we remove users that violate our terms immediately after being made aware of them. Sometimes, law enforcement wishes to follow up on the case to find the criminal. While we are perfectly happy to cooperate with law enforcement at all times, we also have a responsibilitiy to our users' privacy. Therefore, we have created this guide to provide law enforcement with guidelines on obtaining IP and identifying information.

Obtaining IP Information and other Identifying Information

People who use our system for illegal purposes typically do not purchase any of our premium services and since our signup process requires only a username, email address, and password, it is difficult to positively identify the culprits. However, The Pork Community Inc. maintains IP logs of all account creations and account users.

The Pork Community Inc. will conduct IP information searches on any account that has existed within the past 6 months under order of subpoena and for a witness fee of $50 per user account.

Please contact the site owner.