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Do you log my IP Address?

Yes we do.

Your IP Address is logged every time you log in to one of our sites. This information does NOT tell us your name or your address and is used for numerous reasons, they allow us to:

  1. Detect if a user is using multiple accounts to avoid bans/ignore lists.
  2. Contact the ISP if a user breaks the Terms of Use of this site AND their ISP.
  3. Remove and report spammers
  4. Diagnose problems between your ISP and our ISP.
  5. Comply with Law Enforcement if we are required to disclose your IP Address.

Your IP Address is NOT visible by volunteers (except the Director of Security). Our Admin section logs ALL actions by volunteers.

The Pork Community Inc. takes your privacy very seriously and we have safe guards in place to detect any misuse of this information.

Unlike many sites you visit that secretly log your IP Address, we're telling you that we log your IP and we'll only access because of one or more reasons above.