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How do I become a volunteer?
  1. Be an active member of this community.
    If you're not on the site at least twice a week then you're not active enough to be a volunteer.
  2. No "Drama Mongers"
    If you've shown you're one of those members who likes to cause fights and generally make others miserable... guess what.. you're not on the short list!
  3. Patience
    We seek out volunteers, rather than advertise spaces. It allows us to invite members we know and trust, rather than simply those who may be looking for a handout or a position of some authority.


If you would like to increase your chances of being asked to be a Volunteer there are a few things you can do (in addition to those above).

  • Help Beta test our new systems.
  • Actively welcome new members and chat with new members on the site to help increase our membership numbers.
  • Create your own chat room and hold events such as Game, Trivia, or Auction nights etc.
  • Actively post quality topics on the discussion board. i.e. If you create topics that generate a lot of interest and are rated highly by fellow members we'll see those.

We only invite members that are regulars, have shown a good track record on the site (i.e. Little or no complaints about the member), are over the age of 18, willing to sign a volunteer contract, and willing to look after the best interests of the site.